Biomedical Applications of Nanomaterials Research Lab

A multidisciplinary team developing bionanomaterials for diagnosis and treatment of diseases

UPR Institute for Functional Nanomaterials (IFN)

Winners of Nanotechnology Student Video Contest

Recent Peer-reviewed Publications:

1.       L-cysteineCapped ZnS:Mn Quantum Dots for Room-Temperature Detection of Dopamine with HighSensitivity and Selectivity, Daysi Diaz-Diestra, Bibek Thapa, Juan Beltran-Huarac, Brad R. Weiner, Gerardo Morell, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 87, 693-700, 2017.

2.       Improving cytotoxicityagainst cancer cells by chemo-photodynamic combined modalities usingsilver-graphene quantum dots nanocomposites, Khaled Habiba, Joel Encarnacion-Rosado, Kenny Garcia-Pabon, Juan C Villalobos-Santos, Vladimir I Makarov, Javier A Avalos, Brad R Weiner, Gerardo Morell, International Journal of Nanomedicine 11, 107, 2016.

3.       HotFilament Chemical Vapor Deposition: Enabling the Scalable Synthesis of BilayerGraphene and Other Carbon Materials, Frank Mendoza, Tej B. Limbu, Brad R. Weiner and Gerardo Morell, Chemical Vapor Deposition - Recent Advances and Applications in Optical, Solar Cells and Solid State Devices, Dr. Sudheer Neralla (Ed.), InTech, DOI: 10.5772/63921. 

4.       Cold cathode emission studies on topographically modified few layer and single layer MoS2 films, Anand P. S. Gaur, Satyaprakash Sahoo, Frank Mendoza, Adriana M. Rivera, Mohit Kumar, Saroj P. Dash, Gerardo Morell, and Ram S. Katiyar, Applied Physics Letters 108, 043103, 2016.

5.       Study on the optical and electrical properties of tetracyanoethylene doped bilayer graphene stack for transparent conducting electrodes, Tej B. Limbu, Frank Mendoza, Danilo Barrionuevo, Jennifer Carpena, Benji Maruyama, Ram S. Katiyar, Brad R. Weiner and Gerardo Morell, AIP Advances 6, 035319, 2016.

6.       NanofabricationofFunctional One-dimensional Mn-based Building Blocks by ChemicalVaporDeposition, Juan Beltran-Huarac, Brad R. Weiner, Gerardo Morell, Book Chapter in Nanofabrication using Nanomaterials, pp. 142-174, One Central Press, UK, 2015.

7.       Novelmagneto-luminescent effect in LSMO/ZnS:Mn nanocomposites at near-roomtemperature, Juan Beltran-Huarac, Daysi Diaz-Diestra, Mohammed Bsatee, Jingzhou Wang, Wojciech M Jadwisienczak, Brad R Weiner and Gerardo Morell, Nanotechnology 27, 085703, 2016.

8.       Synergisticantibacterial activity of PEGylated silver–graphene quantum dotsnanocomposites, Khaled Habiba, Dina P. Bracho-Rincon, Jose A. Gonzalez-Feliciano, Juan C. Villalobos-Santos, Vladimir I. Makarov, Darinel Ortiz, Javier A. Avalos, Carlos I. Gonzalez, Brad R. Weiner, Gerardo Morell, Applied Materials Today 1, 80, 2015.

9.       BiocompatibleZnS:Mn quantum dots for reactive oxygen generation and detection in aqueousmedia, Daysi Diaz-Diestra, Juan Beltran-Huarac, Dina P. Bracho-Rincon, Jose A. Gonzalez-Feliciano, Carlos I. Gonzalez, Brad R. Weiner, Gerardo Morell, Journal of Nanoparticle Resesearch 17, 461, 2015.

10.    Catalytic effect of ultrananocrystalline Fe3O4 on algal bio-crude production via HTL process, Arnulfo Rojas-Pérez, Daysi Diaz-Diestra, Cecilia B. Frias-Flores, Juan Beltran-Huarac, K. C. Das, Brad R. Weiner, Gerardo Morell and Liz M. Díaz-Vázquez, Nanoscale 7, 17664, 2015.

11.    Cytocompatibility of direct water synthesized cadmium selenide quantum dots in colo-205 cells, Marcos R. Rodriguez-Torres, Christian Velez, Beatriz Zayas, Osvaldo Rivera,  Zikri Arslan, Maxine N. Gonzalez-Vega, Daysi Diaz-Diestra, Juan Beltran-Huarac, Gerardo Morell, Oliva M. Primera-Pedrozo, Journal of Nanoparticle Research 17, 266, 2015.

12.    Study of the Structural Changes Undergone by Hybrid Nanostructured Si-CNTs Employed as an Anode Material in a Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, Javier Palomino, Deepak Varshney, Brad R. Weiner and Gerardo Morell, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119, 21125, 2015.

13.    Graphene/semiconductor silicon modified BiFeO3/indium tin oxide ferroelectric photovoltaic device for transparent self-powered windows, Surbhi Gupta, Rohit Medwal, Tej B. Limbu, Rajesh K. Katiyar, Shojan P. Pavunny, Monika Tomar, G. Morell, Vinay Gupta and R. S. Katiyar, Applied Physics Letters 107, 062902, 2015.

14.    Large-area bilayer graphene synthesis in the hot filament chemical vapor deposition reactor, Frank Mendoza, Tej B. Limbu, Brad R. Weiner, Gerardo Morell, Diamond and Related Materials 51, 34, 2015.

15.    Solar-blind field-emission diamond ultraviolet detector, Frank Mendoza, Vladimir Makarov, Brad R. Weiner and Gerardo Morell, Applied Physics Letters 107, 201605, 2015.

16.    Unipolar resistive switching in planar Pt/BiFeO3/Pt structure, Rajesh K. Katiyar, Yogesh Sharma, Danilo G. Barrionuevo Diestra, Pankaj Misra, Sudheendran Kooriyattil, Shojan P. Pavunny, Gerardo Morell, Brad R. Weiner, J. F. Scott, and Ram S. Katiyar, AIP Advances 5, 037109, 2015.

17.    Ferroelectric photovoltaic properties in doubly substituted (Bi0.9La0.1)(Fe0.97Ta0.03)O3 thin films, R. K. Katiyar, Y. Sharma, D. Barrionuevo, S. Kooriyattil, S. P. Pavunny, J. S. Young, G. Morell, B. R. Weiner, R. S. Katiyar, and J. F. Scott, Applied Physics Letters 106, 082903, 2015.

18.    Fabricationof Nanomaterials by Pulsed Laser Synthesis, Khaled Habiba, Vladimir I. Makarov, Brad R. Weiner, Gerardo Morell, Book Chapter in Manufacturing Nanostructures, pp. 263-292, One Central Press, UK, 2015.